AMAZING!! NEW Indian Ghodiyu Baby Swing Hammock -DELUXE

AMAZING!! NEW Indian Ghodiyu Baby Swing Hammock -DELUXE
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Both you and your baby will absolutely love this!
This baby swing and hammock is great way to help babies get the sleep and rest they need. This swing will comfort your baby without you having to rock, swaddle, and constantly have to comfort your baby, and it will help to encourage your baby to sleep on their own. This swing will do all the work for you so both you and your baby are happy!

A "Ghodiyu" is an Indian word which means helping babies sleep. People in India have used this type of device for hundreds of years so that their baby can fall asleep quickly and get the rest they need while developing proper sleeping habits.
This Ghodiyu Deluxe baby swing is great for infants and babies between the ages of 1 - 28 months. Simply place the baby in the soft cotton hammock and tug on the tether to provide a gentle rocking motion. This soothes and relaxes your child relieving them of any discomfort.
It helps babies sleep better and it can help relieve an upset stomach due to gas (colic) symptoms with a soothing rocking motion that is guaranteed to relax the baby.
These swings are authentic, high quality, and hand crafted in India! is the exclusive distributor of these swings in the United States!!
This swing is made of durable stainless steel and will last forever so you can pass it down to your grandchildren. Wooden swings are extremely heavy, clunky in size and they do not last as long.
How The Swing Works:
liPlace the baby in the hammock on their back.
liGently swing or pull on the tether back and forth. The baby will rock back and forth and will enjoy the soothing rocking motion.
liIf you are outdoors like in the backyard on a summer evening, you can zip up the hammock with the baby inside.
liThe cover is transparent like a screen door. This prevents mosquito and bug bites while the family enjoys the summer nigh

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